Envirodyne Labs, Inc. (Active)

Envirodyne Laboratories, Inc (ELI), headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a leading full-service NELAP environmental testing laboratory. Since its founding in 1990, the company has served a wide variety of customers in the municipal, industrial, and commercial industries. ELI specializes in environmental drinking water and wastewater lab services.

Atlantic Product Services (Active)

Atlantic Product Services Inc. is a U.S. based company providing the highest quality petroleum testing and inspection services. The company’s independent third-party services provide businesses with the expertise required to certify products and meet or exceed regulatory and customer standards. Industries serviced include petroleum companies, power generation plants, municipalities, healthcare facilities, and tech companies.

Flow Systems, Inc. (Active)

Flow Systems designs, manufactures, and supports flow measurement components and integrated test systems. From individual flow meters to complete test systems that can easily integrate with information systems, the company produces the full range of products for flow measurement and control. In 2022, Flow Systems expanded its service offering to include fully accredited 17025 calibrations on site. Flow Systems was founded in 1986 and continues servicing a wide range of customers in the aerospace, automotive, energy, metrology, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas industries.

LK Industries (Active)

LK Industries is a niche manufacturer of centrifuges and petroleum testing equipment. Since 1930, the company has helped pipeline operators, crude transporters, and energy companies ensure their products meet regulatory specifications and quality standards.

Miller-Weber, Inc. (Active)

Miller and Weber operates a 17025 accredited testing laboratory with a specialization in temperature measurement. Additionally, the firm manufactures glass thermometers including ASTM specs and environmentally friendly Proforma-therm. In 2016, Miller-Weber was integrated to LK Industries.

FSI Calibrations (Active)

FSI Calibrations specializes in the calibration of a wide range of flowmeters.

Advisory Services Clients

Objective. Laboratory. Analysis. (OLA)

OLA is a highly collaborative team of scientists, engineers and business consultants who bring together their talents to support clients. The company provides clear, unbiased chemical analysis and delivers solutions to help optimize chemical programs.

Power Sentry

is an industry leader in providing innovative solutions for power management. The company is passionate about delivering technology that serves the dual purpose of reducing operating expense and improving ESG outcomes for clients.

In January of 2023, the management of TXE worked alongside CSL Capital to complete the sale of Power Sentry to Weatherford International.